A little welcome to taptv

 First of all, if you wanna see me on youtube, check out my channel : TICKLEAPICKLETV. The videos are about what I do in a funny way. And iI talk about this site. This site will get better, I just started, and don't forget to tell me about your videos. I will do everything to help you get more popular. 
And I bet you don't know what T.A.P. means. lol.


 This site is mainly to help you get more popular, but theres also games, votes , a blog and videos. Just leave a comment in the contact me section! If you need publicity for another site or product, I can do that to.
 Please click on the commercial there actually really good and some are free!
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 Need publicity for a youtube video?

 Send me it! I'll put it on the video section. This website is all about videos!